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Boost Conversion

  Give a $25 Conversion Reward That Costs $0.99



Use conversion rewards to

  • Convert more exit popups 
  • Boost cart conversion by adding a $25 gift with purchase
  • Get more product reviews
  • Boost AOV

Only $0.99 per Reward.

Offer the magazines that align with your brand. Over 80 magazine reward options. Free trial includes 1,000 reward codes with no set up fees. 

Our Partners Are Getting Impressive Results

"Integrating a magazine subscription as a value-add to our membership flow was quick and easy. We immediately saw a double digit boost in our list subscriptions"
Pete Meyer, Founder/CEO,
"We were able to inject an incentive across various steps of the customer journey. The offer was significantly more impactful than typical discounts and doesn't negatively impact LTV like our past incentives. Customers love it. "
Sohail Akmal, Director of Marketing, CleanSky Energy
"We needed a gift-with-purchase incentive to boost AOV that was inexpensive and easy to execute online. The Conversion Booster program was set up in a day and we saw an immediate lift. We'll be using the program again and again."
Kim M
Kim Morrissey, VP eCommerce, Ocean's Boutique

Easy Integration with These eCommerce Applications and Hundreds More

Your Customer Is Rewarded Instantly. No Delays or Loyalty Program Signup


Reward Earned

Customer or prospect performs task to earn reward. 

Platform Alerted

Instant Reward platform is notified via API call. 

Reward Delivered

Customer receives email with customized message and a  reward code which is instantly redeemable for the reward of their choice.  

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